No frills

LRV represents a small team of highly experienced professionals supporting decision makers at a personal level in the area of corporate finance, strategy development and interim management.

The large firms are financially strong, but often lack the personal touch and experience. A one-man business may be cost-effective and flexible, but sometimes misses the strategic overview and the continuity in professional support.

LRV positions itself rightly in between.

Strategy Consulting

LRV exclusively works with senior and independent consultants, who – without exception - have earned their reputation in their particular field of expertise. This model has no ‘people on the bench’ and hardly any overhead, which means we are under no pressure to offer profile A to a client while profile B is required.

Moreover, we aim to make our assignments as small as necessary instead of as large as possible. After all, clients rather reward us for the result, not for the effort.

Interim Management

Hiring a temporary director or manager is never an easy decision. Can we justify the cost? Will it match our team or culture? Do I stay in control?

LRV adheres to the maxim that an interim manager should already know what to do in advance. We call this the ‘seen, it done it’ principle. No paying over the odds, no unnecessary long induction periods, no surprises.

What we do not offer? Endlessly searching digital databases until we find a ‘match’. We gladly leave this up to others.

Corporate Finance

LRV considers acquisitions, mergers or divestments as a logical consequence of a consistent, long- term growth strategy of a company. In that way we avoid a sole focus on the transaction itself and only short-term result.

Moreover, besides looking carefully to the financials, we also devote serious attention to the underlying dynamics in and between companies and the way they may influence the success of take‑over. For more information see

Completed projects

Aligned with our firm belief that we only should offer support if we know what we are talking about, we focus on industries we know from inside. Which companies are leading or moving fast and what is important for each stakeholder?

Below we show you examples of our mandates and transactions per industry to give you an impression of our accumulated expertise and experience.



Our consultants are independent and have a say in the projects they do. Most of our consultants have had a senior management position themselves, which makes them especially valuable to our clients.

Although most of our clients are Dutch companies, we have completed consultancy assignments in more than 10 European countries, the Middle East, China, Singapore and the USA.


Interim Managers

Creating a match is never easy. To increase our success rate we focus on much sought- after management positions, such as displayed in the opposite pie chart. Within these areas we are capable of presenting suitable candidates of which we know our clients love to work with them.

On top of this, we have learned that clients always appreciate a quick response, direct communication and transparent pricing structures. Exactly the way we decided to work.


Safe Crossings

With great pride LRV supports the initiative of Safe Crossings to improve road safety in low- and middle-income countries. Safer roads means saving lives and creating better futures.

In 2014 we are running a pilot of the program in Bangladesh. After the pilot, we are planning to roll out the program on a large scale, both in Bangladesh and other countries. We believe that our program can address road safety challenges in many other countries in Asia, Africa and South America.

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We are continuously looking for gifted people who can strengthen our team. LRV will not hire you, but you are never alone. We provide you with the professional support you may expect and we help you deliver the quality our clients have learned to appreciate.

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